Computing Facilities

A variety of computing facilities are available to students. The computer labs are equipped with microcomputers running the latest Windows 10 operating system. All the computers are connected through a campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN) with database, file, web, and application servers that provide many different software resources. The LAN also provides access to the Internet. A segment of the LAN hosts a Dell PowerEdge R410 server ( for the Data Science Research Lab (DSRL). The server is housed in our server room in SCIE 5039. An additional server, a Dell PowerEdge R710, is housed in the university's Information Systems Division at College Hall. The R710 is WPU’s license server. More computing equipment, including a Dell wide-screen monitor for presentation, is available for faculty/student research in the Computer Science Research Center at SCIE 5031 (phone: x2502).

The department also built a Cisco Networking Lab located on the fifth floor of SCIE. The Cisco Networking Lab is equipped with 21 Cisco routers, 21 Cisco Switches, and 7 firewalls, and the lab is used for students’ hand-on projects in a separated network environment. In addition, a Dell PowerEdge R740 is being used as a virtual machine (VM) server that hosts various operating systems including Ubuntu, Windows 10, Windows 2016 server, and Kali Linux. The virtual machine server provides virtual environments to students and it can run up to 72 VMs simultaneously that are used in various computer science courses including Computer Networking, Operating Systems, System Administrations, and Network Security.

Computer Rooms:

  • Computer Science Research Center (for faculty/student research): SCIE 5031
  • Computer Science Server Room: SCIE 5039
  • Cisco Networking Lab: SCIE 5040
  • Cybersecurity Research Lab: SCIE 5008 and SCIE 1019
  • Teaching Lab (Classroom Lab): SCIE 5019
  • Teaching Lab (Classroom Lab): SCIE 5020
  • Teaching Lab (Open Lab): SCIE 5035

Research Labs:

The department has 3 research labs that make use of the computing facilities specified above. Please see our research labs for cybersecurity, data science, and digital signal processor research.

Lab Tutorials and Manuals: