All faculty members in the Department of Computer Science at William Paterson University are involved in research projects and in scholarly activities such as book authoring. Qualified students may join a research team with professors, and most participants have published and presented papers at local, national, and international conferences. Many faculty members solicit student assistance and compensate students through their various grants and funds. Please see "Financial Supports" information below. For further information about faculty research, please go to the individual faculty page.

Given the enrichment of a strong faculty-student interaction and cooperation, students who demonstrate academic excellence and research capability can partake in these great ventures. The experience, knowledge and prestige gained lasts a lifetime. Whether on a résumé or graduate school application, this is a sign of distinction.

The Computer Science Research Center is located at SCIE 5031 (phone: x2502). It is a conference room equipped with a Dell wide-screen monitor for project presentation. There are three major research labs in the department.

Computer Science Research Labs:

Financial Supports for Faculty/Student Research:

Some students are invited by faculty members to engage in their research activities either when classes are in session or in the summer or both. Course credits through CS 4900 (Computer Science Senior Project) and/or CS 4990 (Independent Study) can be obtained if specific requirements are met. These research assistants may also get financial support from one of the following sources:

  • Research Grants: These are individual faculty research grants supported by external agencies such as NSF (National Science Foundation).

  • CfR Awards: Many faculty members are awarded research funding in the summer from CfR (Center for Research) of the College of Science and Health. These awards usually include funding for student research assistants.

  • Student Research/Worker Funds: These funds were established by the College of Science and Health to address the college goals of student/faculty research, curriculum enhancement, teaching excellence and active learning, assessment, and/or general departmental excellence. Several faculty members in our department used these funds to conduct research with students.