Advisement & Academic Support

All our students have an assigned professional advisor from the Gloria S. Williams Advisement Center. After a student has declared Computer Science or Information Technology as his or her major and earned 30 credit hours, a faculty advisor from the Computer Science Department is assigned to the student. The advisor-advisee relationship continues on a one-to-one basis until graduation. Advisement involves more than just course selection and Alternate PIN number. Advisors provide guidance and gauge the progress of advisees. Besides assisting in problem resolution, they open up opportunities in internship, student research, and other directions of professional growth. Their insight and tremendous wealth of knowledge and scholarship will augment, enhance, and refine students from every point in the academic spectrum.

Degree Requirements:

Course Information:


The first step to register for classes is to contact your academic advisor. You must obtain an Alternate PIN from your advisor in order to register courses for the semester. Please logon WPConnect and then click on Degree Works to see your degree evaluation.

Advisement Center:

The Gloria S. Williams Advisement Center provides a comprehensive program designed to assist students in making appropriate choices related to selecting a college major and ultimately defining their career goals. The center works in collaboration with the Computer Science Department to provide students with the essential tools needed to achieve academic and career success.

CS-IT Tutoring Program:

Students with excellent academic records, strong communicative skills, diligence/dedication and amiable disposition are selected every semester to be mentors/tutors. These tutors are usually juniors or seniors. They provide academic support in many Computer Science courses and subjects. Their experience, developed and well honed from completing the coursework, elucidates students both in one-on-one sessions and group study. Students may voluntarily visit the tutors for assistance or may be assigned to visit them by their course instructors. The tutoring schedule is posted outside the CS Learning Center, located at HSCIE 5027.

Academic Support Programs:

Besides the departmental level tutoring service and faculty advisors to students, several institutional centers expand upon the classroom experience. Free tutoring and mentoring services are offered at two other levels: college and university.

At the college level, extensive tutoring facilities are available at the Science Enrichment Center (see SEC Resource Summary). With several specific requirements and electives in mathematics and sciences, our majors benefit directly from this second level of support. Well established mathematical foundations and the scientific method are essential in the development of every computer scientist or information technologist.

At the university level, the Academic Success Center provides tutoring services and develops effective study strategies and skills.