CS Advisory Board

Besides our effort of enhancing our program internally, we also rely on external expertise to guide our program to achieve the CS program objectives of the Computer Science Department. The Computer Science Advisory Board consists of academic and industry leaders in the computing community who provide our department with the latest knowledge of current trends in the computing industry. The board members are voluntarily participating in our commitment to educate the next generation of computing professionals.

Purpose, Roles, and Expectations of the Computer Science Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members:


  Jon Bentley

 Avaya Labs Research

 Distinguished Member of
 Technical Staff

  Daniel R. Clark

 BenefitPlan Manager

 Vice President, IT Admin
 and Development

  Vassilka D. Kirova

 Nokia Bell Labs

 Senior Manager, Domain

  Thomas J. Marlowe

 Seton Hall University

 Director, Computer
 Science Program

  Gregory Peterson


 Senior Manager

  Megan Restuccia

 JP Morgan Chase

 Executive Director

  Eric Rosenberg

 William Paterson University

 Chief Information Officer

  Roberto D. Rubino

 Passaic County Tech. Institute

 Chief Technology Officer

Annual Board Meeting:

The annual board meeting is being held toward the end of an academic year, usually on the last Friday of April or the first Friday of May.