Internships and Jobs

Students are encouraged to acquire work experience in related fields. There are many job opportunities available both on and off campus. In addition to gaining real-world work experience, you earn credits for your internship. Frequently, internships evolve into full-time employment upon graduation.

Upper level Computer Information Technology and Computer Science students who perform academically relevant internship can get course credits through CS 3950 (for IT Major) or CS 4950 (for CS Major). To look for internship opportunity, please consult the continuously updated CS bulletin boards, informal but kept current by the Department Secretary. Also, CS faculty often know of positions and leads. Check your WPU emails as the Department Chair often broadcasts internship/job opportunities to students.

Internship Process and Forms:

On Campus Job Opportunity:

  • Work Study Students - please contact CS Department Chair.
  • Student Tutors - please contact CS Department Tutor Coordinator or Department Chair.
  • Lab Assistants - please contact CS Department Lab Coordinator or Department Chair.
  • Research Assistants - research assistantship is offered to students who demonstrate academic excellence and research capability by individual faculty. Please see our research page for more information.
  • Technology Assistants - student provide technology help and support to the campus community.

Off Campus Job Opportunity:

  • Numerous local industries and businesses hire Computer Science or Information Technology majors well before graduation. As the nature of these positions grow and change rapidly, listing them in static web pages would soon become dated; hence, for further details, consult CS bulletin boards (keep current), CS faculty, and a great resource of job preparatory skills and information - the Career Development Center at WPU.