Microsoft Imagine

Students taking CS courses at William Paterson University can get Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, and other software packages for free to install on their personal computers by joining the Microsoft Imagine program.


  1. During a course offered by the Computer Science Department, when request is made in the classroom, fill out the Application Form for CS/CIT/CIS Students or the Application Form for Non-CS/CIT/CIS Students.
  2. The Faculty Administrator or the CS Department Secretary will record it with Microsoft.
  3. You will receive an email from Microsoft Imagine providing you with an account name and password for use on the Microsoft Imagine website.
  4. To obtain software packages, follow the instructions provided by clicking on the Microsoft Imagine Academic Software Center link listed below.
  5. Install and use the software on your desktop or laptop computer. You may continue to use the software you have obtained, even after you graduate. These software packages are full-featured, not reduced or student subsets. They are the latest versions, with options of older versions, if it is so desired.
  6. For further details, please consult the Faculty Lab Director or the Department Lab Administrator.

Microsoft Imagine Academic Software Center:

Please click on the following link to access the Microsoft Imagine software distribution website: 
William Paterson University Webstore