CS and CIT Degrees

The Department of Computer Science offers a comprehensive program of study in both the theory of computer science and its applications, leading to a nationally accredited (ABET) Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Science (CS). This program includes a broad and solid foundation in problem solving, modeling, and decision making, and the ability to programming is developed and refined. Theoretical concepts are reinforced through extensive lab work and computer projects.

Besides B.S. degree in CS, the CS Department also offers B.S. degree in Computer Information Techology (CIT). CIT offers students a partially distinct set of abilities (relative to core CS) and knowledge at a more pragmatic level. Students in CIT will acquire the practical knowledge of networking, system administration, data management, cyber security, as well as system analysis, design, and programming.

Both B.S. degree programs in CS and CIT prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities and/or pursuing graduate study. Minors in CS and Computer Information Systems (CIS) are also offered through this department.

CS Major Curriculum Information:

CS Major Curriculum

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CIT Major Curriculum Information:

CIT Major Curriculum

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Minor Information

Minor in CS Information

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