Computer Science Labs

A variety of computing facilities are available to students. Our computer labs are equipped with microcomputers running the latest Windows operating system. These computers are connected through a campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN) with file servers that provide many different software resources. The LAN also provides access to the Internet. A segment of the LAN hosts a departmental SUN Server (the domain) which provides computing resources under the Solaris operating system. The department also has a SUN server for digital signal processing research and a Dell PowerEdge R410 server for multiprocessing research. These servers are housed in our server room in SCIE 5039 (phone: x2638). An additional server, a Dell PowerEdge R710 is housed in the University's Information Systems Division at College Hall. The R710 is our license server and used for research in virtual and cloud computing. More computing equipment are available for faculty/student research in the Computer Science Research Center at SCIE 5031 (phone: x2502).

Computer Science departmental labs are located on the fifth floor of Science Hall East. University- and college-wide computer labs in the Atrium and the Science Hall are also available for student use throughout the campus. All student dormitories and most of the buildings are Internet connected (via wired or wireless network). Computer Science students at home can access the departmental UNIX and other servers for homework, programming assignments, and projects via the Internet (using secure Telnet or FTP).

Lab Locations:

  • Computer Science Research Center (for faculty/student research only): SCIE 5031
  • Technology Teaching Lab (Classroom Lab): SCIE 5019
  • Software Teaching Lab (Classroom Lab): SCIE 5020
  • Unix Teaching Lab (Classroom Lab): SCIE 5035
  • Hardware Teaching Lab (Computer Science Open Lab): SCIE 5040

Lab Tutorials and Manuals: