Academic Support (Tutoring Schedule)

Computer Science Tutoring Program:

Students with excellent academic records, strong communicative skills, diligence/dedication and amiable disposition are selected every semester to be mentors/tutors. These tutors are usually juniors or seniors. They provide academic support in many Computer Science courses and subjects. Their experience, developed and well honed from completing the coursework, elucidates students both in one-on-one sessions and group study. Students may voluntarily visit the tutors for assistance or may be assigned to visit them by their course instructors.

A faculty supervisor trains the tutors and monitors their service. The faculty meets with tutors regularly to discuss issues and consider enhancements for the tutoring process. Tutoring survey and report are gathered and analyzed every semester for improvement.

The tutoring program is being held at the Computer Science Learning Center, which is located in SCIE 5027 (phone: x2975). The center is equipped with three computers and a printer, three desks (a computer on each desk) with two to three chairs around each desk, white boards, and many book shelves with the current textbooks and reference materials in stock.

Fall 2018 Tutoring Schedule

Other Academic Support Programs:

In addition to the department level support, Student Technology Consultants (STC's from IRT) provide excellent technological service. Both Computer Science tutors and STC's cover almost every standard hour on weekdays. The STC information is provided at:

At the college level, extensive tutoring facilities are available at the Science Enrichment Center (see SEC Resource Summary). With several specific requirements and electives in mathematics and sciences, our majors benefit directly from this second level of support. Well established mathematical foundations and the scientific method are essential in the development of every computer scientist or information technologist.

At the university level, the Academic Success Center provides tutoring services and develops effective study strategies and skills.