Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Erh-Wen Hu Professor

SCIE 5029

X2196 HuE@wpunj.edu
Cyril S. Ku Professor

SCIE 5030

x2952 KuC@wpunj.edu
Weihua Liu Assistant Professor

SCIE 5024

x2517 LiuW3@wpunj.edu
Ali Moghani Visiting Professor

SCIE 5032

x3383 MoghaniA@wpunj.edu
John P. Najarian Professor and Chair

SCIE 5022

x2960 NajarianJ@wpunj.edu
Gilbert Ndjatou Professor

SCIE 5026

x2515 NdjatouG@wpunj.edu
Bogong Su Professor

SCIE 5028

x2979 SuB@wpunj.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Jeffrey E. Gitlin Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* GitlinJ@wpunj.edu
Jiseok Han Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* HanJ8@wpunj.edu
Jaehyun Kim Adjunct Professor

Library 120I

x2937 KimJ@wpunj.edu
Puiking (Teresa) LauChan Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* LauChanP@wpunj.edu
Housen F. Maratouk Adjunct Professor

Library 120J

x2220 MaratoukH@wpunj.edu
Kenneth P. Mix Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* MixK@wpunj.edu
Costabile (Gus) Raso Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* RasoC@wpunj.edu
Radhika Srinivas Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* SrinivasR@wpunj.edu
Shahid Zaheer Adjunct Professor

SCIE 1016

* ZaheerS@wpunj.edu
* The adjunct office has the following extensions: x2788, x2818, x3388, x3448, x3613, x3870


Carol Parken Department Secretary

SCIE 5021

x2649 ParkenC@wpunj.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Li-Hsiang (Aria) Cheo Emeritus Professor


- CheoL@wpunj.edu

Retired Faculty

Judith Coomes Retired Associate Professor


- CoomesJ@wpunj.edu
Linda Kaufman Retired Professor


- KaufmanL@wpunj.edu