Alumni Testimonials

"The environment at William Paterson Unversity's Computer Science Department not only prepared me for the technical real world challenges I face every day, but also gave me the ability to think about and solve complex critical computing problems, which when combined together provide an invaluable tool which gives you an edge over the competition. The faculty go above and beyond expectations, always provide additional assistance, encourage asking questions and thinking outside the box. When you graduate with a degree from this Computer Science Department you will not be looking forward to a job, you will be looking at a career."

Brian F. Publik, B.S., 2008
Brian is a Web Applications Programmer/Information Technology Specialist at William Paterson University. He is currenlty continuing his education on a Master's degree at NJIT in Newark, NJ.

"The Computer Science faculty at William Paterson encouraged me to pursue my passion for computers above and beyond the confines of the classroom. Their efforts and support have more than prepared me both for working in the industry and continuing my academic career."

Adam John Platt, B.S., 2007
Adam is currently a Senior Software Engineer at CoreMedia Systems, Inc. He is also working on his Master's degree in Software Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.

"From the perspective of a senior and a student working his way through college, William Paterson's Computer Science curriculum is both challenging and stimulating with respect to content and presentation. The faculty maintain an open-door policy and are always available and responsive to student needs."

William F. Bey, B.S., 1997
Past Vice President of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Gamma Chapter of William Paterson's Computer Science Honor Society)

"The Computer Science program enabled me to land my job soon after graduation. Having worked with AT&T for nearly a year, I can say with certainty that what you learn at William Paterson is really what you need to do your job as a professional."

Nick E. Lehman, B.S., 1995
Senior Technical Associate, AT&T